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About Dr. Schechner

Dr. Schechner is a New York State licensed clinical psychologist with 28 years experience as a psychotherapist. She received her PhD from Long Island University and has an MA in Developmental Psychology from Teacher's College, Columbia University.

Dr. Schechner treats adults, children and adolescents. Her practice caters to the individual’s needs. Family and couples therapy are offered as well. She offers telehealth and remote sessions to accommodate patient’s needs at all times. 

​Her vast clinical experience spans both inpatient, day treatment and outpatient psychotherapy which has provided her with an exemplary understanding and ability to help adults, adolescents and children with problems of both an acute and mild nature. She has taught on the undergraduate and graduate levels and has supervised clinicians as well. Her practice includes a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds, including the Orthodox Jewish community.  

Dr. Schechner’s approach is eclectic and includes an empathic blend of both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques.

Adults / Couples

Dr. Schechner assists adults in the development of more productive, authentic, and fulfilling paths in the face of personal challenges, extreme adversity, trauma, and stressful life events. Her eclectic approach involves the cultivation of insight, creating a plan of action, and effecting change. Among other things, Dr. Schechner has assisted adults for 28 years in managing:


  • Depression/Mood disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Marital discord

  • PTSD

  • Sexual abuse

  • Eating disorders

  • Work-related stress 

  • Interpersonal difficulties

  • Aging and bereavement

  • IVF/infertility issues

Adult / Couples

Child and Adolescent

Does your child display any of the following?

  • Trouble fitting in

  • Oppositional, defiant, argumentative

  • Irritable mood with or without temper tantrums

  • Trouble "accepting no" and following directions

  • Sleep disturbance - nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking

  • Restlessness, hyperactivity, limited attention and concentration

  • Depressed mood

  • Unnecessary worry and anxiety

  • Excessive risk-taking and defiance of of rules

These are just a few of the possible behaviors that any child may express. However, when they become frequent and begin to interfere with a child's functioning at school and at home, professional intervention can help.

Children do go through developmental phases where some of the above behaviors are age appropriate (i.e., a 2-year-old child with occasional temper tantrums). However, if a child is oppositional, argumentative and has frequent temper tantrums at the age of 11, there may be cause for concern.

Taking action

Children often desperately want to change, but don't know how. They subsequently feel badly about themselves and their bad behavior continues. As parents, we need to support and guide children towards more appropriate choices, better behaviors, and improved impulse control. Professional help can make the difference. With a combination of individual and/or family therapy, change can occur. With the appropriate support, the healthy well-adjusted child can emerge and family life becomes more gratifying. ​

Child nd Adolescent


Manhattan Office

​241 Central Park West, Suite 1H, New York, NY 10024


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Westchester Office

369 Ashford Ave, Suite D

Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. 10522


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Rockland Office

337 North Main St, Suite #5, New City, NY 10956


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Dr. Miriam K. Schechner, Clinical Psychologist, 2023 

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